Where am I coming from?  I’m a person wanting to use my work to make the world a better place.  That is no small potatoes.

Which part of the world? People at work in organizations. Pretty much leaders and teams.  I believe that most people can be happier at work, and they can be more productive.  Those two come together. The first step is to reduce the frequency and duration of suffering on the job. But it is important, and I actually help people with it frequently.

How to do this?   I focus on leaders, because the leverage is greatest there.  Leaders throw the biggest rocks in the pond, and make the biggest ripples.  There are all kinds of leaders.  The ones we see in movies and in the Wall Street Journal graphics.  Up on their horses, making a big splash.  And there are quiet leaders, behind the scenes, analyzing, thinking, intuiting, influencing.

And I focus on teamwork and collaboration. Teamwork has such great potential for creating powerful results and happiness.  Sometimes folks just need some help getting out of their own way so they can be happy and productive.

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