Boards of Directors at nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit Boards can be magnificent, well-tuned visionary decision makers or tragic, struggling portraits of a dysfunctional family.  Most often, they are somewhere in between.  People sign on to contribute to the accomplishment of social good, to gain experience, to advocate for their values, and to pay it forward.  Huzzah! These are worthy goals.

Good people are always needed to serve on boards.  It is a great place to develop and to apply a variety of skills. These include leadership, group decision making, listening, finance, marketing, operations, and personnel management. Sometimes, these bands of well-meaning people need help getting their ducks in a row to become the high performing team that efficiently serves the mission as well as providing a positive experience to its members.  A seasoned and skillful consultant can support this development in a variety of ways.

Get off the bench, get on a board to contribute, and learn.  We need your talent and energy.   A great way to do this is on NonProfit Draft Day.   Here is the link to it.    Sign up today!

Thanks for all you do.


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