–Is Emotional Intelligence Real?

Is gravity a real thing? Are wireless signals real? Most would say yes, though you cannot see them, you can see the effects from them. The same is true of Emotional Intelligence; you cannot see it, but you can see what happens with more and less of it. How persuasive you are, the quality of your relationships, and even the success of your work all depend on EQ.

Research has shown than in most jobs EQ is a better predictor of success than is IQ. These include any job which require working with other people. In fact, it is the best predictor of success.

It has been highly studied in leadership and correlates highly with successful people in business and the military. Attorneys, information technology professionals, teachers, and anyone who works as part of a team need EQ skills. Of course EQ is also important to the success of relationships in our personal lives.

There are many facets of EQ. Some EQ models have as many as 54 competencies which can be measured. A person might be skillful in one such as “Independence” might be low in another like “Impulse Control”. A person might have many EQ skills.

An interesting difference between EQ and IQ is that IQ is fixed at an early age, but EQ skills can be learned throughout a person’s lifespan.

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  1. Is there a particular test or assessment tool to measure Emotional Intelligence that you have found worthwhile? And if so what do you consider the particular strengths of this assessment?

    • There are several assessments available to measure EQ. Theses tests have evolved over the past decades, each building upon the strengths of previous tests. One of the recent tests, which takes into account the latest research and modern technology to help the learner get maximum benefit from the Emotional Intelligence information, is the Matrix Insights Emotional Competencies program. This model uses a highly practical approach to Emotional Intelligence, it is easy to apply to the workplace and identify and plan one’s development. Information about this tool will be available on my blog on August 28th.

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